"2nd Unknown Song" is an unreleased song by Billie Eilish. Billie teased this song on her Instagram story. The song was intended to be on Billie's debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, however, it was scrapped. It was later confirmed by Billie that the song would never be released due to reasons that are currently unknown.[1]


I've got a man that doesn't love me
He's got a girl that doesn't love him
She's got a brother down in county
He's got a tattoo for his cousin

Another house on fire by Venice Beach
She's got a man she doesn't love who doesn't love me

I don't need to know
Who you "can't let go"
Cry 'bout "so and so"
(She's got a man, got a man, doesn't love me)
I don't need to know


Billie Eilish - bad company (All Snippets)

Billie Eilish - bad company (All Snippets)


  • The song is commonly referred to by fans as Bad Company, however, Billie confirmed that this is not the title.[1]
    • A screenshot from Billie's voice memos from late 2017,[2] however, suggests that Bad Company was a working title for the track.
    • A speculated title for the song is so n so.


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