Claudia Sulewski (born February 19th, 1996) is an American actress and YouTuber. She is the current girlfriend of Finneas O'Connell and a friend of Billie Eilish.


She was born to Beata Krupinska Sulewski and Czeslaw Sulewski. She has two brothers named Kevin and Marcin. Her family is from Poland. (ref 1)

Official Accounts


  • Finneas wrote the song Claudia about her.
  • Most award shows that Finneas attends, Claudia goes with.
  • Because her family is from Poland, she is bilingual, being fluent in English and Polish.[1]
  • Her YouTube account used to be called BeyondBeautyStar.[2]
  • She became TeenVogue's first YouTube host in April 2015. (ref 3)
  • Before dating Finneas she dated Jonah Green and Steffan Argus. (ref 3)
  • She is 5' 8". [3]
  • Her birthdate makes her the star sign of Pisces.
  • During Finneas's 10 Things FINNEAS Can't Live Without | GQ interveiw with GQ, he brought Claudia out as his tenth item.[4]
  • Claudia has a pitbull named Peaches.
  • Claudia has done her own collab with the phone case company "Wildflower"[5]
  • People have stated that she looks a lot like Finneas’s younger sister, Billie Eilish.


  • She portrayed the role of Nicki in the TV Series 'T@gged' [6]
  • She portrayed the role of Skylar in the TV series 'Versus' [7]
  • She portrayed the role of Emma in the TV Series 'The Commute' [8]
  • She portrayed the role of Phoebe in the TV Series 'Hyperlinked' [9]
  • She portrayed the role of Katie in the TV Series 'Embeds' [10]
  • She portrayed the role of Scrooge in the movie 'A Christmas Carol + Zombies' [11]
  • She portrayed the role of Julie on the TV Series 'Runaways'[12]



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